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I feel like I just blogged about stalkers, but lets it it again

 Thursday, January 19, 2012

Stalkers.  Haters.  Enemies.  No matter what we call them, we all have them.  People who don't like the way you live your life.  People who are jealous of what you have.  Just people who are bitter at the world and want to take it out on someone else to bring them down too.  

Sound familiar? 

Well the past few weeks I have been going through some pretty big changes.  And these changes aren't that great.  They're going to effect my life in a not good way.  

So this blog is about how when something bad happens to you your haters are all over it.  I wrote how I won't even say who I am because I am scared they will find this blog and stalk it like it's the stock market.  Yeah, I seriously wasn't exaggerating!!! 

As of lately they haven't been going to my blog as much.  So it was pretty flattering when I would see that they came to check on my amazing life.  But as soon as they heard through the grape vine about this disaster - they're back to checking 50 times a day.  

Is she gonna write a blog?  Is she upset?  I. Have. To. Know.  For haters they sure do care a lot about what I'm doing.  Here's some fucking advise. 

Get. A. Fucking. Life

Stop worrying about what I'm doing.  And also, this 'bad situation' is but a little hiccup in the road.  I will pick myself up from this tragedy and will either one, learn from it and never make this mistake again, or two, patch it all up and work to make it better one day at a time. 

Fucking stalkers really creep me out -- but I guess when you're as fucking awesome as me, you can't help but to stalk me 50 times a day. 

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Elvirah January 23, 2012 at 7:18 AM  

Its really annoying when people have no other business except peeking into yours all the time and feel happy if something goes wrong with us. Even i dont like such people, but the sad thing is our society is made up of a big number of such loosers.


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